Tuition Rates

Registration Fees


# of Children Registration Fees # of Children Registration Fees
1 $210.00 5 $1050.00
2 $420.00 PK-3 – 1/2 Day $210.00
3 $630.00 Class Fee $30.00
4 $840.00  School Supply Fee  $40.00




# of Children Tuition PTO / Maintenance Fee Total Annual Payment Semi-Annual Payment Qtrly. Annual Payment

12 Months Payment

11 Months Payment

10 Months Payment

1 $4400.00 $250.00 $4650.00 $2325.00 $1162.50 $387.50 $422.73 $465.00
2 $8800.00 $250.00 $9050.00 $4525.00 $2262.50 $754.17 $822.73 $905.00
3 $13200.00 $250.00 $13450.00 $6725.00 $3362.50 $1120.83 $1222.73 $1345.00
4 $17600.00 $250.00 $17850.00 $8925.00 $4462.50 $1487.50 $1622.73 $1785.00
5 $22000.00 $250.00 $22250.00 $11125.00 $5562.50 $1854.17 $2022.73 $2225.00
PK-31/2 Day $2200.00 $250.00 $2450.00 $1225.00 $612.50 $204.17 $222.73 $245.00
Daycare $3.00/hr.

Our Lady Immaculate Tuition Payment Policy for New Families

We believe our tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education and religious formation. Therefore, Our Lady Immaculate School Board accepts responsibility for recommending to the Pastor policies concerning the amount of tuition, the manner of payment, and, in general, the development of policy in this area of concern. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the School Board to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the school and that enrollment is as available and affordable as possible to all families.

Tuition rates and fee schedules for each school year are published during registration periods and are available through the school office.

New student registration will require full payment of the registration fee at the time of registration.
Lunch fees, daycare fees and any other fees will be billed through FACTS payment systems.

Late Payments

If a payment is missed due to insufficient funds, a $20.00 missed payment fee will be assessed by FACTS and a family may incur a fee from their own financial institution. The missed payment will be reattempted by FACTS within 20 days.

In addition, families who have missed 3 consecutive attempts will have 14 days to make suitable arrangements with the school, or their children will be withdrawn.

Financial Assistance

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School has a financial assistance plan in the event of hardship. Application for financial assistance is made directly to the school and anonymously reviewed by a Tuition Assistance Team (TAT) made up of the pastor, the principal, and the accounts receivable clerk, school board president, and school community representative. All applications will be reviewed and are completely confidential as numbers are assigned to each application and name identifying information on the application is removed before sent for review by the TAT. All Financial Assistance Applications are available in the school office at the time of registration and are due April 15, for the next school year.

Guidelines for Financial Assistance Program

Parents requesting assistance must fill out a Financial Assistance Application. This includes a copy of their Federal Income Tax Form with copies of W2’s and all information about taxable and nontaxable income.
There is no guarantee of financial assistance if application is submitted.
Families are awarded assistance based on family income. The free and reduced lunch schedule provided by the Diocese of Lake Charles is used to determine eligibility. Prioritization of assistance is as follows:
Families who qualify for free lunches are considered to have the greatest need.
Families who qualify for reduced lunch receive next consideration.
Families with special financial circumstances are considered last.
Families who are returning have priority over new families.
No assistance is given to students in the Child Development program.
The cap for assistance for ANY family is set at 50% of the current tuition with the combined assistance from the school and the church subsidy if granted.
Previous year’s tuition must be paid in full before an application can be considered for the next school year.
Payment of tuition is to be made each month through the FACTS Payment Plan.
Financial assistance is offered for families on an annual basis. Therefore, applications must be submitted each year.
Families receiving tuition assistance agree to:
Notify the principal immediately if the family’s financial situation should change.
Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours to the school each school year they receive financial assistance.

Non-Admission of Students Due to Tuition Delinquency

Families failing to pay tuition according to the agreement, which they have made with the school, or who have been unwilling to make suitable alternative arrangements with the school, will be informed that their child(ren) will not be re-admitted to Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School. All families must be current in their payment of tuition.