technology_stripOur Lady Immaculate Catholic School recognizes the need for meaningful use and integration of technology. Technology is integral in the functioning of the entire school operation and instruction. OLI employs a full time Technology Coordinator/Instructor to assist us in all areas and needs of technology. The school has access to Internet services through wired and wireless mechanisms. OLI has filtering and administrative software that allows for monitoring of responsible use of technology.

Instructional and Classroom Technology

Virtually every classroom as an interactive white board, document camera, projection system, and sound amplification system, for teacher use to enhance instruction. In addition, each classroom has 2-5 classroom computers or iPads for centers, Accelerated Reader testing, or other student use for instruction.

technology_inset_smComputer Labs

Each student attends computer lab classes taught by our technology enrichment instructor once weekly to practice computer skills, keyboarding, math facts, grammar skills, responsible Internet use, research skills, and more OR to apply what they have learned to produce spreadsheets, documents, or other computer generated projects. There is another computer lab which houses a set of 30 computers for teachers to reserve when doing their required technology integration lessons.

Library Technology

The OLI library is completely automated. Students and teachers alike may browse the online catalogue to search for items housed in the library including fiction, non-fiction, research materials, audio-visual materials, and more. In addition, the library has over 25 iPads for student use in conducting catalogue searches or for interactive library lessons. Lastly, the library houses and the librarian uses an interactive white board and a projection system for lessons.