Support Services

support_serv_stripAs part of the classroom support, OLI provides teacher assistants as necessary and in grades 1 through 4, an additional certified teacher works with students who meet particular criteria in the areas of reading and/or math. This enables students with different developmental or learning needs learn in a small group setting what their peers are learning at the same time. Therefore, class sizes are reduced during these core subjects for optimal learning and preparation for future learning. Furthermore, in grades 5 through 8, students are assigned tasks at their personal instructional level through Accelerated Math to support their individual learning needs. Accelerated Math activities are in addition to regular classroom instruction and do make up a portion of their math grades.

OLI employs a full time counselor who is proactive in instruction with anti-bullying lessons, social group meetings, life skills, and more. The counselor works with students needing additional support in academics, social settings, and/or with other personal or emotional issues.

OLI has an After School Care program for students whose parents cannot pick them up at regular dismissal time.