SACS/AdvancEd Accreditation

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School is nationally accredited by AdvancEd through the division of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS.) What does this mean? Here are some short answers derived from the AdvancEd website. For more information, you may access this page at

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance developed more than 100 years ago by American universities and secondary schools, and designed primarily to distinguish schools adhering to a set of educational standards.

Why Does Accreditation Matter?

Accreditation matters because our students deserve the highest level of educational excellence possible. It allows for parents to make the best decision for their children with the knowledge that their school is striving towards excellence. In addition, accreditation is highly regarded by the state of Louisiana as it uses the AdvancEd accreditation as the benchmark for Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School’s state approval status.

How Do We Accredit?

The accreditation process is collaborative and comprehensive and yields the best results for schools and school systems, and ultimately for students, by uniting community stakeholders, including education experts who provide personalized assistance to institutions and educational systems.  Throughout the accreditation process, AdvancED provides innovative resources and tools and customized assistance to help institutions navigate the process of school improvement and maximize the effectiveness of their efforts.