Parent Advisory Boards

School Board

The School Board, mandated by the Bishop of the Diocese of Lake Charles, is charged with assisting the school in providing a quality Catholic education to its students. The School Board shall be established to serve as a resource for the pastor and school administrator in the implementation of diocesan policies and to formulate policies at the local level. Each board shall be composed of elected and appointed ex-officio members (pastors, PTO President, principal) as set forth in its constitution. In essence, the board is the policy-making body of the school.

School Board members must meet qualifications set forth in its constitution. They meet monthly. All parents/guardians are invited to attend these meetings to become familiar with the work of the local school board and the members who make up their board.

Each member serves on additional committees comprised of parents who wish to serve. These committees include Finance, Facilities, Development, Religion, and Athletics.

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to prepare and present the budget, determine sources for funding the budget, set tuition and fees, develop a salary schedule for employees, allocate the amount of financial aid, and perform other duties related to finance.

Facilities Committee

The purpose of the Facilities Committee is to assist in developing and monitoring a maintenance and improvement plan for the buildings and grounds.

Development Committee

The purpose of the Development Committee is to plan the overall development of the school-case statement, marketing, fundraising, and public relations. If the school employs a director of development, s/he shall be a member of this committee.

Religion Committee

The purpose of the Religion Committee is to assist with the planning of religious programming including rites, liturgies, prayer, religious events, and all other decisions regarding faith activities.

Athletic Board

The purpose of the Athletic Board is to promote good sportsmanship above all else – consistent with our Catholic Christian values. Parents/community members may serve as a sport chairperson in this organization.

Parent-Teacher Organization

All parents/legal guardians and teachers are members of the Parent-Teacher Organization. The work of this organization is coordinated by parents serving as PTO officers. PTO officers and event chairpersons are elected/appointed as needed. The purpose of this organization is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between parents and teachers through working together for the good of the children and Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School by:

Building community between and among OLI stakeholders; and
Assisting the school in fundraising activities that support school programmimg