Mission & Beliefs



The purpose of Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School is to ensure the presence and strength of the Gospel message both today and in the future in the lives of all who attend this school as they are the future of the Church, our community, our nation, and our world. The school exists to:

 to incorporate the Gospel values into everyday life that all may make Christ the center of every decision and live what they learn;
 to spread the Good News in response to Christ’s commission to all people;
 to build onto the Kingdom as we build community in our school through prayer and service; and
 to provide assistance to parents, the first teachers of children, in education and development in the Catholic faith.

Vision Statement

The vision of Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School is to provide students with the spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional foundations essential in achieving their maximum potential as a Catholic Christian adult.

Mission Statement

Educating the mind and spirit through Opportunity, Leadership, and Integrity.

Core Beliefs

 School staff, teachers, parents, and community members share responsibility for helping students learn.
 All school stakeholders focus on a shared vision, goals, and actions to improve student performance both now and in the future.
 Students benefit from a variety of experiences that meet their diverse needs to enhance their faith and education.
 Students become productive citizens with meaningful lessons in personal responsibility, integrity, and faith.